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Was founded about 600 BC. In 118 BC. it became the first town outside Italy to be colonized by Roman citizens, and was the old Roman port of Narbo Martius. Today Narbonne is a lively town with a cosmopolitan town center, a very good Market on Thursdays, and one of the nicest covered Markets in the area.
The Canal de la Robine
The Canal de la Robine, a branch of the Canal du Midi, bisects the town and is a very popular stop off for holidaymakers using the canal cruisers. The banks of the canal and its many tree shaded boulevards contribute to its appeal to tourists.  

The unfinished St. Just Cathedral is of the fortified type and was started in 1272.
Today Narbonne is an important road and rail junction. The Motorail service from Calais stops hereA few kilometers east of Narbonne is Narbonne Plage, its nearest seaside resort. About 15 km southwest is the salt-water lagoon of Bages, all that remains of the important 7th C. harbour of Narbonne before it silted up. There you will find the picturesque town of Peyriac where the flamingos wade in the water on the edge of the beach. This area is famous for its white honey that has been made here for centuries.
Narbonne has very good sporting facilities, and the leisure swimming pool and ice skating rink next to the N9 road that passes by Narbonne is well worth a visit. The buffet restaurant within the complex is very popular.
The Oppidum d’Ensurune
The remarkable remains of a Roman settlement were discovered in 1915, on the top of this hill, situated mid way between Beziers and Narbonne. The word Oppidum denotes that it was a fortified town and one of the largest on the Mediteranean. It was the site of a Gaulish town dating from 6th c BC
The view from the hilltop takes in the Pyrenees, and the Cevennes, and immediately below is an unusual field layout that were formed as an inland lake dried up. As the water receded the farmers moved their fields and left it looking like a dartboard. Hannibal passed this site on route to Italy with 100,000 men and 50 elephants